Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Wicked, I survived another year mostly intact!!

Ok, so Times Square was a fiasco but I still had a pretty good time. A word of advice, if you want to go to Times Square for the countdown, get down there in the afternoon no later than 4 and don't leave and make sure that you've gone to the washroom because you won't get another chance for 7 hours.

NYC overall is really well organized and friendly but compared to the jazz festival in Montreal, the festivities are a joke. The first hundred thousand people fit in the square and get a good show, the other 900,000 get cordoned off on adjacent blocks with nothing around but metal barricades, pissed off cops and no entertainment and no way to take a piss. They could make a fortune and spread a ton of goodwill if they let corporate sponsors take care of the people outside of the core and just let the cops handle security.

Anyways, we split at 8:30 after half an hour in the midst of a pissed off crowd and jetted to the village for a fun random night at the Sullivan Room at a Brazillian party.

Hope to see all of you soon and hope everybody had a great vacation. Now lets all pray for some snow up here in the northeast. Peace.

Oh yeah, congrats to Sean and Marie for the birth of their new daughter during the last days of December 2006!

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