Monday, January 22, 2007

New Toy - HP iPaq Travel Companion

I just got this groovy little Windows Mobile PDA with GPS, bluetooth and Wifi for some development work and had a weekend to play around with it. It's not bad but still not terribly useful. My issues with it:
- battery life is 2-3hrs with wifi enabled (!)
- GPS takes a few minutes to find the satellites
- Tomtom navigator is good but setting bookmarks and using it outside of navigating sucks
- Handwriting recognition sucks compared to my tablet pcs (obvious)
- quirky, crappy, ugly UIs for everything
- GPS doesn't work at all indoors
General impression: this thing is a science project.
However, it's great for mobile development apps. I'm going to be working on some in-car and mobile apps that take advantage of the GPS/wifi combo. I'm figuring that your car and cell phone will have always on Internet, GPS, bluetooth, camera/video and lots of storage - this opens up many possibilities.
I think that the Apple iPhone is a great start but without the ability to run third party apps and a single carrier it starting to smell like some suckage.

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