Monday, August 30, 2004

The Crack House

OK you perverts who got here from google image search or whatever, enjoy these pictures but don't forget to check out my regular blog. Oh yeah, thanks for stopping by and enjoy your appetizer.

This my friends is why they now call my house the crack house. I was in the water while the girls got creative with the camera. Once again I wasn't complaining. I've really got to do this more often. Oh yeah, speaking of fauna, I saw a bear cub and a fox on my street on Saturday nite - for real. I thought it was a bear or a dog that broke into my garbage box last summer. I guess it was a bear. Posted by Hello

Andy and the Fauna

Mimi invited a couple of people over and a whole bunch of people dropped by again by boat & motocross. The next thing I knew I was stranded in a boat with my neighbor Andy, half a dozen kittens and a case of beer. Andy wasn't complaining and neither was I. Posted by Hello

A whole lot of surfing went down and although it doesn't seem too thrilling after being cracked out for a day, it is still crazy fun. I've got the cutbacks wired, now working on a 360 and maybe a little ollie. Posted by Hello

Monday, August 23, 2004

My girlfriend had a dozen girls over this weekend and Big Al came over to entertain them. Things got a little sloppy and loud. The thing about having a dozen girls over is that no matter how much you cook, eat, drink, drop, spill - everything is always clean and wiped down. It's like having invisible cleaning fairies, I like it! We put seven of them in the boat on Sunday and all on the port side to throw the sickest goofy side wake. The weather suck but the surfing made up for it. Posted by Hello

This sport might not make the olympics but maybe it should be considered for the special olympics. What happens if you take three girls and big Al and have them all hang on to each others ankles and wrists and roll down a 60 degree slope together - after some vodka shooters. You have the quad roll of course! I guess you had to be there. Posted by Hello

Big Al's post quad victory dance Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Three Noble Truths

I realized a couple of things this past weekend. First, I realized that it's a really good idea to play hookey from work when the weather is perfect. I used to do it all the time but for some random reason I stopped, I am officially back on the program and advocating good weather hookey for anybody in the northeast. Work weekends in February and November, just get out as much as you can when the weather is good, you will thank yourself when you're 85. My second realization is that I suck at wakeboarding because I have been surfing so much this summer and last summer I didn't ride because I ripped a tendon in my ankle. This is a double edged sword because I am getting pretty good at wake surfing at the cost of my wakeboarding. I'm feeling a really rapid progression and totally love it so it works for me. The third thing that I realized is something that is obvious, repetition and progression turn a fun activity into a peak experience. Between motocross and surfing, I am getting into some major progressions and riding better and better each ride and having more and more fun. I get up early in the morning when everybody is asleep, fill up the bike and hit the trails. When I get back, I'm totally stoked, learned a couple of subtle new techniques, went a bit faster and escaped death yet another time. It's hard getting up and getting going but once the initial shock is over, it totally rocks. I guess the same is true for anything. I don't like wakeboarding or snowboarding that much anymore because I don't do it often and don't have the flow going. I think that that will come back, I just gotta get up early in the morning and hit it hard.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Eleventh Day Ride

I had a long discussion with Big Al about being focused and in the pocket when you ride, so much so that you aren't so much thinking it as you are feeling it. It doesn't matter if it's wakeboarding, surfing, motocross or knitting - when you're in the pocket, you know it. The best way to describe it is like if you rode for ten days straight and were totally in your game and then on the eleventh day you just jumped in and instead of being a little freaked out when you hit a big kicker, you pick out your line and savour the centerfugal force as you get whipped into the air. In the air, time stands still and you float, spin, grab, tweak and stall it into a feather soft touchdown like a jackrabbit. Land it and scream off and crank out another one and then another one and so on.

That my friends is the eleventh day ride.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Chuck Carothers motocross 360 body varial

Check this bad ass video out

Countdown to Fall

This weekend was ferking cold, that didn't stop me from going into the water though. A bunch of us rode till sundown on Saturday night, after the lightening storms ended of course ;) I've got people dropping by, by boat and motocross all the time now which is pretty cool. I think I'm finally starting to get into the local groove. This was the first weekend that I didn't ride motocross this whole summer which really sucks. I am actually looking forward to fall and winter for the first time in a decade.

For the record, I am not eating chicken for a while. I've had quite enough.

And finally, I put up the pictures from Marc's summer party here.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I forgot all about this ritual of Marc's. The dude fills up a gas can full of booze and juice and shoves it down everybodys throats every twenty minutes. The first time I met him he stuck it in my face and it was only 11 AM. You gotta love that dood! Posted by Hello

This billboard has what looks like a gutted CRF450 sticking out of a billboard next to my office. Posted by Hello

Monday, August 02, 2004

My Summer Vacation

I just got back from my summer vacation, lemme tell you - IT WAS RAD! I ate chicken for nine days straight, rode motocross for twelve hours, wakesurfed about twenty hours, spent every waking hour rushing around having way too much fun and in the end spent seven hundred dollars on boating and motocross gas. Phew, with one "locals only" festivity after another and and loads of home cooked wicked food, it's amazing that I haven't turned into a fattie. I cooked up 44 chicken breasts for my buddy Marc's party at his monster house after hoarking down a five pound leg of lamb the night before with the local yardies. Marc had a band playing on the dock and the place was rockin.

The first four days I went trail riding every day but the weather got too good and I spent the rest of the week on the water. I made tons of friends up there with the locals and spent every day waterlogged, dirty, sunburnt and hung over - ferking brilliant! I really could have used another week but there's always next year. Somebody remind me to put on sun block next year ;)

Talk about starting young! Posted by Hello

Krista and Sadie check out the trampoline Posted by Hello

Ladies on the deck Posted by Hello

A little longboard action Posted by Hello

A whole lot of wakesurfing went down this week. Take one Super Air Nautique with all tanks full, throw in a few hundred pounds of sandbags and invite over the heaviest dudes on the lake and you'll have a chest high wake that you can surf ropeless on for ten minutes straight. Seven hundred bucks worth of gas in 8 days - not a bad way to spend the summer. Posted by Hello

Beer can chicken named Hugh Posted by Hello

The girls of Seagrams Posted by Hello

The Joyal mansion party, band included. Posted by Hello

The girls of summer Posted by Hello

Big Al getting busy Posted by Hello

The devil inside Posted by Hello

Ladies, ladies, ladies Posted by Hello

More ladies Posted by Hello

St. Donat locals getting hosed on the dock @ Marc's Posted by Hello

My vacation week started off with a little wakeboarding, although once I figured out the wake surf, wakeboarding pretty much was yesterdays news. Posted by Hello