Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What PC users can do that Mac users can't

Thanks to PGuy for this one, for the record I use both but am not fruity enough to be seen in public with a Mac. iShit in it's own fisher price kind of way is for ladies, kids and kitten lovers and I'm really happy that Google isn't afraid to say so.

If this was white it'd be a mac.

Going mobile - wishlist for a mobile device from a mobile dude

I've been on the road pretty much non stop for a couple of months now and have had a pretty great time with my tiny Sony Vaio, Blackberry Bold and Zune HD. It got me thinking though, what would be my ideal travel device.

Here it is in case you're an Android product manager or the hardware guy at Nokia;

- I need a phone with a great rendering processor and runs something like RDP to connect to my computer in the office or in the cloud (ie. Gotomypc on my phone)

- Love the Motorola Droid but it needs to be about half as thin and OLED (2012?).

- Stick a projector on it with quadruple the resolution that projects onto any white surface so I don't need a monitor

- Get all hotels, airports, planes, cars to have bluetooth keyboards and displays or display surfaces that let me use my phone like a laptop without lugging the keyboard and monitor

- Gimme my 7.2Mbps mobile network already

- Gimme skype native on my phone (prolly already on the droid)

- Make it so that you can control the media player without taking it out of your pocket or taking your gloves off.

Thats it, thanks!