Wednesday, July 21, 2004

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I did finally go to the Evanescence concert. As it turns out it was like 7 or 8 goth-ish slow metal-ish bands. They were all pretty good but would have been much better if they doubled the tempo. Amy Lee is an unbelievable singer and the show was actually much better than I expected. It was pretty straight forward except there was one song that she played most of the song just her and a piano (my immortal) and I don't even like that song but damn did she ever carry it perfectly. Much respect to her for pulling it off. Posted by Hello

The girls of goth. First there's the goth girl with black fairy wings, goth girls eating hot dogs, and finally my personal favorite - the incoherent/nearly passed out/drooling goth girl. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Daily Spew

I am doing lots of software dev stuff now with pretty much nobody on any team actually doing any programming WTF? I am sick of ceremonial development processes. And WTF is up with dainty guys with cats? I was supposed to go see Evanescence at St. Helens Island tonight but as it turns out it started at three this afternoon, maybe I'll still go.  These guys had a really bad day and this dude had a really good day.
On a different note, I ordered one of these for my tender arse.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Clean your boys

Here's some techniques for keeping your grundle daisy fresh even when it's wicked hot and dank out. Seeing that summer is here - it is very valuable advice and, well frankly,  a lot of people stink something fierce and aren't wearing too much to shield the world from their stank.

It was supposed to rain all weekend but instead it was sunny and tropical. Rode trails both days, nearly hit a deer, chased squirrels out of my basement, chased muskrats off my beach, rode the longboard, rode the shortboard, rode the landlock, drank a lot of beer and partied with the lads. Big Al came over and took care of a box of Sangria that was in my fridge for the past month. Posted by Hello

Big Al and the crew chill on Baker Street. Posted by Hello

Friday, July 16, 2004


Check out these 10 year old kids racing GP on 50cc sport bikes. Man, how come I never did that when I was a pup?
Bikes by Metrakit and Conti from the EU, check out this metrakit video complete with spanish porn  soundtrack music.

Kenny lives

So as it turns out, Kenny is still alive and hungover. He went to a party on Sunday night and didn't leave for four days. He has emerged mostly unscathed from what I hear.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bill ain't so bad

As it turns out, the US rejected a call to put up $1 Billion for the global TB & AIDs fund. Instead they put up $200 million this year. This is pretty weak considering the last war cost something like $100 BILLION!!! GWB probably paid out more for shoelaces than AIDS. On the other hand the much despised Bill Gates will pay out $50 million this year through his foundation and give out a total of $27 BILLION for worthy causes. While you can question whether the ends justify the means, it's hard to not respect this dude for giving out such a huge wad of cash. I really wonder why Paul McCartney, Mel Gibson and all of those other left leaning multi millionaires don't do the same. Sure they throw down a few bucks here and there but for the most part they seem to be hoarding their hundreds of millions of greenbacks. I think the world would be a much better place with philanthropic attitudes like those of Bill G and Bono.

Fo Shizzle my Bizzle

Click here to shizzled this blog.

Who killed Kenny?

Well nobody has seen Kenny since Sunday nite, I guess I was the last one to see him go off to some party to celebrate his last nite as a smoker. His mail is piling up and nobody has seen him so his neighbor/mutual friend Ben called me up a little worried. I figure he's got his head nestled between some chiquita's bosom and he'll be lost in that valley for a few more days. On a different note, I have been on the road for the past couple of days and just got back last night in time to wash my motorcycle at Rick's place. I'm working with him on building a bench on his deck to put his deck crap in. It's supposed to rain this weekend which is a real drag because I just started getting into the rhythm of riding motocross both weekend days. That sucks, I am definately not riding on rain lubed bowling ball boulder trails this weekend - I value my spine a little too much. Damn, I was also just really getting into wakesurfing - nearly got the knack before knocking the crap outta my shins. I've got lumps on my shin bone from board knocks.

Oh yeah, I wrote a whitepaper a while ago that is being referenced in an O'Reilly techical book out in fall and pitched an article for the book so maybe I'll finally become a published author. This may suck because all of the doors in my house will have to be changed to fit my head through. :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Where the ferk is Kenny?

I last saw Kenny on Sunday nite and he was going to a party to celebrate his last smoking day (he's quitting). Nobody has seen him since and his mail is piling up. If anybody sees him, let me know.

Monday, July 12, 2004

This pretty much sums up the weekend - motocross, beer, sun, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, fishing, eating and of course lying around in the sun. Posted by Hello

We found some friends on a pontoon boat in the middle of the lake then drifted around with a couple of boats for a while. Posted by Hello

Somewhere on the edge of the sandpit is this bizarre religious statue and some dried up flowers. This is a bit creepy. Posted by Hello

We found this logging road that goes on endlessly and doesn't seem to go anywhere. It's a great place to ride some clean dirt trails. Posted by Hello

I generated this panorama of one of the local sandpits, as you can see it's a pretty cool place to motocross. I' Posted by Hello

I saw a video of a three foot long roadkill turtle that was shot this weekend near Mt. Tremblant. It really looked like an alligator snapping turtle which is only supposed to be living in the southern states. They look pre-historic with spiney tails and grow up to two hundred pounds. Apparently they caught a monster alive in the lake near my countryplace two years ago. Three foot long pre-historic turtles weighing 200 pounds share the lake with us, who would believe that? I only believe it because I saw the video myself. Posted by Hello

Somebody remind me not to take this trail in september. Posted by Hello

Theleme gets a little scary after a couple of beer Posted by Hello

Friday, July 09, 2004

You think that you're sitting on a solid chair

Well think again, your chair is an articulation of trillions of molecules of alleged matter. Each molecule is a manifestation of "matter" consisting of a cluster of atoms bound together by energy. Each atom in turn is an orbital array of sub particles that in fact do not consist of any mass but do exert quantum energy collectively to simulate mass. In reality they don't actually exist in the physical world and if you stopped the sub particles, the physical world would cease to exist. So you are sitting on a really large number of non physical energy bundles hurtling around in empty space bound together in an intricate pattern that simulates what you perceive to be matter. In effect reality is an artificial creation/manipulation that exists in a subset of the quantum domain. You are definitely not sitting on a solid chair, you are sitting on a cloud of miniscule energy waves.

If you don't believe me, google the "Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle".

Food stuff

Why doesn't milk come in bags anymore? And how come bacon doesn't come in a ziplock bag?

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Belief and Commitment

I find that the hardest thing to getting things done isn't actually the execution, it's the initial process of getting momentum to get it started. For me that comes down to belief and commitment. What I found was that belief and commitment are necessary to get things finished but not necessarily to get things going. More often than not I get things started by artificially inducing commitment by telling somebody that I'm going to do something. Unlike a lot of people, this forces my hand and I have to come through or fail with a good effort. I think most people don't mind saying that they're going to do this and that but not really committing to it. I can't do that, it drives me crazy not at least giving it a try. So back to the point, I force myself to commit and then the belief comes naturally after being forced to figuring it out. The level of belief that I have really determines the schedule. I find that everything I try to do takes me at least two or three times longer to do than I thought and was at least four times harder. Even when I try to factor that in to my estimations, it still gets thrown off schedule. I guess that's just my tolerance for schedule slips which is a lot higher than my tolance for failure.

On a different note, apparently kangaroos are now on a killing spree.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Different perspective on Iraq - something serious for a change

Most of my friends only get word on what's up in Iraq from the evening news and Michael Moore. Personally, I don't really think either are accurate. I am probably one of the worst offenders as far as petrolium consumption goes but the way that I figure it, we're going to run out of oil worldwide in 40+ years so this whole problem about the middle east will self correct. When the oil runs out, nobody will really give a crap about what goes on there other than for humanitarian reasons. Even then, you don't see everybody jumping to help Sudan, Sierra Leone or any of those places because there's no real business case there and for the most part the UN Security Council is a joke. Who seriously thinks that China, Angola, Pakistan, Romania and Benin (?) are going to be responsible for world peace.

Anyways what I was getting at was that there are other sources for news from Iraq. Here's an Iraqi guy that writes a blog direct from the front lines. Here's some letters allegedly from punk rock soldiers stationed in Iraq. Of course either or both could be agency propaganda but it's worth a read anywez.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Spent another great weekend wakeboarding and trail busting. I love this phone camera business, I'm using a Moto V300 and the thing roks. Reception is awesome even deep in the woods. I seem to have better reception than anybody I know which sucks sometimes because everybody wants to use my phone.

A whole whack of people that I haven't seen for ages came over and the weather was perfect. My arse is still tender from hitting the rocks last weekend so I had to take it easy. Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Somebody please tell me what the hell this thing is. It was about the size of an orange but looked like a cross between a spleen and a raspberry and it washed up on my beach. Posted by Hello

I'm not an expert or anything but starting up with your teeth doesn't seem to be a really brilliant idea. Kristian here shows us how it's done. Posted by Hello

This is a "before" picture - before the onslaught of hematomae, lacerations, bruises and bent aluminum. Posted by Hello

This here is the new dumb-ball trophy which I bought for two bucks at a garage sale. What is dumb-ball you ask? It's a game where somebody stands on a water trampoline and people on shore fire paintballs at him. We haven't figured out the scoring yet but it's going to be huge. One day Heritage Canada will make a tribute to us and the origins of dumb-ball. You read it here first. Posted by Hello