Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Different perspective on Iraq - something serious for a change

Most of my friends only get word on what's up in Iraq from the evening news and Michael Moore. Personally, I don't really think either are accurate. I am probably one of the worst offenders as far as petrolium consumption goes but the way that I figure it, we're going to run out of oil worldwide in 40+ years so this whole problem about the middle east will self correct. When the oil runs out, nobody will really give a crap about what goes on there other than for humanitarian reasons. Even then, you don't see everybody jumping to help Sudan, Sierra Leone or any of those places because there's no real business case there and for the most part the UN Security Council is a joke. Who seriously thinks that China, Angola, Pakistan, Romania and Benin (?) are going to be responsible for world peace.

Anyways what I was getting at was that there are other sources for news from Iraq. Here's an Iraqi guy that writes a blog direct from the front lines. Here's some letters allegedly from punk rock soldiers stationed in Iraq. Of course either or both could be agency propaganda but it's worth a read anywez.

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