Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Belief and Commitment

I find that the hardest thing to getting things done isn't actually the execution, it's the initial process of getting momentum to get it started. For me that comes down to belief and commitment. What I found was that belief and commitment are necessary to get things finished but not necessarily to get things going. More often than not I get things started by artificially inducing commitment by telling somebody that I'm going to do something. Unlike a lot of people, this forces my hand and I have to come through or fail with a good effort. I think most people don't mind saying that they're going to do this and that but not really committing to it. I can't do that, it drives me crazy not at least giving it a try. So back to the point, I force myself to commit and then the belief comes naturally after being forced to figuring it out. The level of belief that I have really determines the schedule. I find that everything I try to do takes me at least two or three times longer to do than I thought and was at least four times harder. Even when I try to factor that in to my estimations, it still gets thrown off schedule. I guess that's just my tolerance for schedule slips which is a lot higher than my tolance for failure.

On a different note, apparently kangaroos are now on a killing spree.

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