Thursday, July 15, 2004

Who killed Kenny?

Well nobody has seen Kenny since Sunday nite, I guess I was the last one to see him go off to some party to celebrate his last nite as a smoker. His mail is piling up and nobody has seen him so his neighbor/mutual friend Ben called me up a little worried. I figure he's got his head nestled between some chiquita's bosom and he'll be lost in that valley for a few more days. On a different note, I have been on the road for the past couple of days and just got back last night in time to wash my motorcycle at Rick's place. I'm working with him on building a bench on his deck to put his deck crap in. It's supposed to rain this weekend which is a real drag because I just started getting into the rhythm of riding motocross both weekend days. That sucks, I am definately not riding on rain lubed bowling ball boulder trails this weekend - I value my spine a little too much. Damn, I was also just really getting into wakesurfing - nearly got the knack before knocking the crap outta my shins. I've got lumps on my shin bone from board knocks.

Oh yeah, I wrote a whitepaper a while ago that is being referenced in an O'Reilly techical book out in fall and pitched an article for the book so maybe I'll finally become a published author. This may suck because all of the doors in my house will have to be changed to fit my head through. :)

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