Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I've been kind of obsessed with Goldfrapp recently, having bought a bunch of remixes from the Supernature album.

As it turns out, I was also obsessed with Alison's vocals a long time ago when she sang on Orbital's snivilization album.

If you haven't heard it yet, Supernature is like Donna Summers meets Billie Holliday in Soft Cell's back yard.

Whad else? Dusted off the motocross last weekend, hopefully I'll start riding trails again this weekend. I'm off to Costa Rica in two weeks, back in time for the summer to kick off.

Not much else to say for now.

A long time ago, my friend Sean and I filmed some interviews with semi-famous DJs and artists including Richie Hawtin. I found that interview video with Rich and posted it on myspace. You'll need an account to check it out.

Here's something to give you a giggle, here's Richie Hawtin being forcibly ejected from a bar in Miami:

Friday, April 14, 2006

Gone snowboarding

I've gone for the long weekend, if you want to come up and ride and drink in the sun with some local nutjobs just give me a holler on my cell. If not, seeyaroundhaveagoodweekend.

Oh yeah, check this out.

Angels and Airwaves

WTF are Angels and Airwaves you're probably asking?

It's a band with Tom from Blink 182, a fellow from the Distillers and a few other fellas from kiddie punk bands. Sure B182 were annoying as hell but this new band really reminds me of the Chameleons UK but a lot more polished.

My bet is that they're going to be huge and overplayed and probably will get really annoying really soon but for now you can check out 'the adventure' here.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Top ten

I don't have much to say so fuck it, here's my list:

1) Angels and Airwaves - The Adventure
2) Goldfrap - White horse Dahlbak mix
3) The Knife - Pass this on
3) Model 500 - No UFOs
6) Heavy Rock - I just want to be a drummer
7) The Killers - Mr. Brightspace (thin white duke mix)
8) Mark Romboy - Impact Disco
9) Fischerspooner - Kick in the teeth (tiefschwarz mix)
10) Playground - Make it happen (ewan pearson mix)

Except for the first track which isn't out yet everything else is pretty obscure so you probably never heard any of it unless you were in my living room. The Goldfrap album rocks - listen to it if you like Blondie/Fischerspooner.

Monday, April 03, 2006

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It was the fat bastards 40th... Posted by Picasa

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Midnite Posted by Picasa

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