Sunday, October 30, 2005


I started using Konfabulator again after finding some super useful desktop widgets. Konfabulater is a cross platform tool for creating small visual applications that have really smooth visual effects like fades, smooth wipes etc. Above are some widgets that live permanently on my desktop. Highly recommended Posted by Picasa

On a different note, I got a Videotron hidef PVR for 500 bucks at FS last week and damn is it ever cool - 6 bucks a month for a couple of new HD channels, 160GB HD, and super easy to use. I'm not sure if the novelty is going to wear off but I'm loving it. Highly recommended as well. Apparently you can still use your old set top box and play back recorded movies on both boxes, haven't tried yet. Too bad you can't get the movies to go.

What the hell am I doing up on Sunday at 8AM? I'm at work procrastinating.....

What I'm listening to these days

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I've been listening to Richie Hawtin DE9 Transitions over the past couple of weeks and oddly enough, it requires a commitment. Why? Its a 2 disk set, a DVD and a CD. The CD is a stereo mix and has 74 minutes of minute transformations of sounds every 4 bars so you have to listen to it like an opera. The DVD is 96 minutes and 5.1 audio so not just intricate but also rather astounding.

It's not for anybody with a short attention span but if you have a 5.1 home theater and a dark living room and 96 minutes to kill, you'll probably dig it. That is if you like minimal repetetive techno.

If you like Garth Brooks and still wear your Hootie and the Blowfish T-Shirt in public, don't bother.

What else am I listening to, in no particular order:

The Cure - High & the whole pornography album
Story of the Year - In the wake of determination album
Boys night out - Train wreck
Soft Cell - Remixes (don't laugh)
Atreyu - Everything
Ultravox - Everything
Avenged Sevenfold - Second Heartbeat

Anybody noticed that Avenged Sevenfold - bat city and unholy confessions are getting major airplay on the ultra commercial music video channels? Sure they're a bunch of dumb kids with tattoos but so were just about every good band at one time. Great band live, if you don't mind goth metal kids.

Friday, October 28, 2005

I love this guy

This guy named Shuji Nakamara came up with some crazy chemical/electrical process years ago that made LEDs shine blue. This wasn't such a big deal but today every single cool gadget has a cool blue LED and every single jumbotron in Times Square has millions of them.

It started off as some obscure invention with press releases in obscure technology magazines.

Today this same guy is making hydrogen from water. I don't have to tell you what that means given his track record.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Gorgeous Interior

I'm not entirely thrilled with the new Subaru tribeca but damn is the interior ever gorgeous. Nicer even than Bentley/Aston Marton.

Use your mouse to scroll 360 degrees

Monday, October 17, 2005

December 2nd

Aeon Flux a cometh again.

Oh the irony: Peter Chung originally made the animated series a parody of action films:

"The idea of 'Liquid Television' was that it would be a satire or parody of things you see on television," he says. "The title, 'Liquid Television,' is kind of like the idea of a TV in a blender. 'Aeon Flux' was originally my parody of heroic action movies — and now there's a Hollywood action movie based on something that originally started out as a parody of Hollywood action movies."

The Vista war

I find it amusing to no end that all of the Apple fanboys are calling Windows Vista a ripoff of OSX when OSX is a rip off of Be, Suse Linux, KDE and Solaris. Don't the fanboys remember that the Mac itself was a cheap knockoff of the legendary Xerox Parc UI's that came before it?

Personally I don't give a crap who ripped who off. I just like the freedom of choice that commodity hardware (x86) gives me.

On another tangent, I installed a bunch of 7 day programmable thermostats at my country place and damn are they ever convenient. I don't have to get there and freeze for a couple of hours while the place warms up anymore. Highly recommended. A word of caution though - they are 240V and high amperage so don't screw around with them if you don't know what you're doing. You can most definately die if you mess up. You can get a 7 day timer (2 wire) for about 40 bucks at Canadian Tire and a 4 wire version at Reno Depot for $40.

I've got an X10 automation kit but unfortunately the X10 thermostat controllers are either too expensive or total crap so I can't use them yet.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

MP3 players piss me off

You know why? None of them have standardized on a remote display format, remote controls or even a way to get files in and out. So I've got to have 4 different jukebox applications for my devices and each one has a different way of making playlists. What else? none of them work well with car or home stereos WTF????

So you might be saying "ha ha, you should have bought an ipod like all the other faeries", well surprise surprise, the remote controls suck and are proprietary, the car and home stereo integration is pathetic and on top of that I can't stand coldplay, U2 or Madonna.

You'd think that Sony, Creative, Alpine, Clarion with their tens of billions of dollors of revenue could throw together a unified spec.

Here's what I need from a device:

- Standard file system way of getting audio/playlists in and out (like my rio)
- Standard remote control interface with bluetooth
- Standard minimum remote display interface (show me songs and playlists)
- Standard charging plug
- Standard USB interface

Here's what I need from a car or home stereo

- Show me my device library not a freaking CD jukebox
- Let me find something fast through my 20000 songs
- Let me create a playlist on the fly
- Just freaking work without a headache and rewiring everything

Is that so freaking hard? Man, those goliath dinosaurs move slow...... now excuse me while I listen to coldplay on my lavender ipod mini

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hotmail Kahuna

Well the new hotmail beta ("kahuna") has been outed here. Looks a lot like outlook but has some cool features like weather reports nicely embedded into your calendar.


Opportunity never really knocks for me, usually it shows up as a tiny crack in a door that somebody slipped a note through. When that happens I've got to go balls out crazy and slip an elephant through the crack while I have the opportunity to do so. Now is one of those rare times that big opportunities have slipped me notes through a couple of little cracks so I've been hella busy organizing myself for a scorched earch assault. It doesn't help that I spent all of September on the road and I just had 2 new employees start recently.

On a different note, I love these new Sony gadgets. These guys really get it:

My favorite gadget is a Rio Carbon which looks a lot like this thing above but unfortunately isn't available anymore since Rio shut down.

What else? I got a Dell 2300MP projector and damn is it ever cool. I don't think I'll ever buy a television again after seeing high def movies projected 15 feet across in my living room, super bright in broad daylight. All for 1500 bucks.

Hmmm lets see - replaced my radiator, sent my boat south for the winter and got my old bayliner back - cleaned and winterized it. Anybody want a fun/cheap wakeboard boat?