Thursday, October 13, 2005

MP3 players piss me off

You know why? None of them have standardized on a remote display format, remote controls or even a way to get files in and out. So I've got to have 4 different jukebox applications for my devices and each one has a different way of making playlists. What else? none of them work well with car or home stereos WTF????

So you might be saying "ha ha, you should have bought an ipod like all the other faeries", well surprise surprise, the remote controls suck and are proprietary, the car and home stereo integration is pathetic and on top of that I can't stand coldplay, U2 or Madonna.

You'd think that Sony, Creative, Alpine, Clarion with their tens of billions of dollors of revenue could throw together a unified spec.

Here's what I need from a device:

- Standard file system way of getting audio/playlists in and out (like my rio)
- Standard remote control interface with bluetooth
- Standard minimum remote display interface (show me songs and playlists)
- Standard charging plug
- Standard USB interface

Here's what I need from a car or home stereo

- Show me my device library not a freaking CD jukebox
- Let me find something fast through my 20000 songs
- Let me create a playlist on the fly
- Just freaking work without a headache and rewiring everything

Is that so freaking hard? Man, those goliath dinosaurs move slow...... now excuse me while I listen to coldplay on my lavender ipod mini

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