Sunday, October 30, 2005


I started using Konfabulator again after finding some super useful desktop widgets. Konfabulater is a cross platform tool for creating small visual applications that have really smooth visual effects like fades, smooth wipes etc. Above are some widgets that live permanently on my desktop. Highly recommended Posted by Picasa

On a different note, I got a Videotron hidef PVR for 500 bucks at FS last week and damn is it ever cool - 6 bucks a month for a couple of new HD channels, 160GB HD, and super easy to use. I'm not sure if the novelty is going to wear off but I'm loving it. Highly recommended as well. Apparently you can still use your old set top box and play back recorded movies on both boxes, haven't tried yet. Too bad you can't get the movies to go.

What the hell am I doing up on Sunday at 8AM? I'm at work procrastinating.....

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