Monday, May 28, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Fugly

Having a blog like this one is a dual edged sword, on one hand I have lots of friends who I don't see too often who get to follow me around my journeys and stay in touch. On the other hand, I've come to realize that I run the risk of exposing myself to some of the darker sides of human nature by revealing too much personal information. It's a bit sad but then again we can expect weak behaviour from weak people, c'est la brie/that's the cheese. I've been blessed to have some amazing people around me the past couple of years and have weeded my social garden pretty well so I'm not too concerned overall but unfortunately I am going to revert back to a more light and fluffy format for this blog. I will probably start a more interactive invitation only team blog for my core crew once this one reverts to amusing chatter.

Enough of that, here's a Costa Rican frog and the waterfront in Mal Pais

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hola from San Jose

My Costa Rican safari is almost over, how sad. I'm sitting in the Marriott, off to see my lawyer about a real estate deal in Santa Teresa and wishing I was back there in the mud, bugs and lizards.

So here's how it went, seven of us came down here and met up with a bunch of buddies in Santa Teresa. We surfed almost every day, ate like kings and generally had a great time. I saw a new kind of monkey (whiteface) and saw more cool wild critters than I ever saw in my life in one place. A few of us did a backcountry drive through rivers, up rivers, down rivers and over rivers to get to Playa Coyote which is an unbelievable place as well. I heard that Michael Jordan tried to buy the whole area for 80 mil but the local ticos refused.

What else? Can't remember everything because so much happened - the tequila didn't help either. Oh yeah, we saw Vince Vaughn driving around on a quad, he'd been down there all week. He looked a little pink and hung over like most people on vacation there.

Santa Teresa/Mal Pais is a pretty amazing place, can't wait to get back. Pics to follow when I get back home.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Gone fishing

Off to Costa Rica again with an everygrowing crew, I'll talk to y'all in 2 wks. I'll be the one with the hangover and a grin.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Some Vegas pics

Half a mil buys you this SLR (@Venetian + Ceasars)

The killer wine tower @Aureole/Mandalay bay

Dolphins & critters @ Mirage
(Yes that is really a snow leopard!)

3 acre pool @ Wynn

Gardens @ Bellagio

Whoah, must have been some party

As it turns out there was a bunch of celebs at Tao on Sat night when I was there, I wasn't just dreaming it.

"At Tao on Saturday: Rapper Jay-Z, Diddy, Will Ferrell, Chris Henchy, Freddy Rodriguez, Helen Mirren, Taylor Hackford, Usher, Tameka Foster, Nelly, Ashanti, Sasha Baron Cohen, Chris Henchy, Allen Iverson, Alonzo Mourning, Austin Nichols, Bill Maher, Bob Saget, Champ Bailey, Charles Oakley, Chris Lighty, Constantine Maroulis, Dwyane Wade, Eriq La Salle, 50 Cent, Fred Durst, Freddy Rodriguez, Ice-T, Coco, Jermaine Dupri, Jerome Bettis, Jessica White, John Cusack, Kenan Thompson, Lennox Lewis, Luis Guzman, Luke Perry, Macy Gray, Michael Buffer, Michael Ealy, Rah Digga, Robert Shapiro, Salt n Pepa, Tommy Hilfiger, Young Jeezy and NFL standout Willie McGinest."

Fuck, I missed Borat.

But luckily, I checked out of my hotel before some dude got blown up in the parking lot.

So lets see, I've dunked some donuts with Lauren Hill at the Blue Note in London, had a beer or two on the Main at a BBQ with Byork, nearly knocked Gwen Stephani out at a Prada party in NYC, watched baseball with John Colicos (the first klingon), got hosed with Jamie DiSalvio, sampled beats with Tiga (who's my neighbor), chilled the willie with Richie Hawtin, got yelled at for four hours by Mark Cuban and can now add brushing shoulders with Diddy to my list of celebrity encouters. Does that make me a Z list celebrity?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

More from Vegas

Heading back tonight on the redeye finally, it's been a week here and I can't wait to get out. Last night we went to Tao and were hanging out next to a bunch of huge thugs decked out in bling with earpieces, clearly private security. I recognized a bunch of them but couldn't figure out who they were protecting. Didn't take long to figure out that it was P. Diddy, figured it out when he was right next to me surrounded by his dozen thugs. Me, Diddy and half a dozen thugs and oh yeah that guy named Usher hung out. Not exactly hung out, but we did brush shoulders with those dudes which was a little surreal.

And no, I didn't see the fight but it pretty much dominated the night. Lotsa bling, lotsa bentleys and half mil cars and lotsa cheap women.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Whats up in Vegas

I've been here for almost five days now and so far it's been a pretty good trip. Lets see, first I was stuck in traffic behind a trailer full of white tigers, then I spent a couple of days at a conference and got invited to MSFT Redmond to hang out with the Windows Media team for some collab work, then I hooked up with Rick at Pure @ Ceasars and we got really hosed, Criss Angels lamborghini murcialago has been parked in front of the Luxor where we're both staying this whole week and finally last night we bolted through Revolution, Tangerine and a couple of other Vegas clubs that just sucked ass on a Wed nite. Having fun for sure, a few friends and the GF coming in tonight so it should be a wild weekend. I've got invites to the Vince Neil cinqo del mayo party @ the flamingo this weekend so it should be a doozy.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Joost invites sent

Everybody who signed up yesterday should have gotten their Joost invites except for the russian dood who's email was not working with Joost, please leave me a message if you didn't get your invite and I'll resend.

And don't forget to link back to me here!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wow, somebody is out there!

Go figure, free stuff works. I got more comments in an hour by giving out free invites than I probably have had in months!!

Don't worry friends, your joost invites will go out very soon - I just have to get my laptop batteries to charge overnite and I'll post tomorrow. BTW, I'm in Vegas right now at MIX07.

Anybody out there? More Joost invites...

Well apparently there's nobody out there who wants to get linked in. Seems like people like free stuff though.

So here's a new deal, Joost has given me unlimited free invites. You can only get on Joost if you are invited by a beta tester, that would be me. Want an invite? Ask nicely, leave an email and if you have a blog, leave your URL and I'll send you an invite. The people on my waiting list will be taken care of soon.

Your application for an invite will be expedited if you link to my blog or leave me your blog url.