Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Anybody out there? More Joost invites...

Well apparently there's nobody out there who wants to get linked in. Seems like people like free stuff though.

So here's a new deal, Joost has given me unlimited free invites. You can only get on Joost if you are invited by a beta tester, that would be me. Want an invite? Ask nicely, leave an email and if you have a blog, leave your URL and I'll send you an invite. The people on my waiting list will be taken care of soon.

Your application for an invite will be expedited if you link to my blog or leave me your blog url.


Anonymous said...

Dear friend! I will be happy to receive invite from you to Joost. My email is erotichnaya@mail.ru
My BIG thanks in advance...

Anonymous said...

hey i really would like a joost invite



robin said...

I don't have a blog, so I can't link to you... But I would really love to get an invite... Could you send me one? robin.hd[at]gmail[dot]com
Many thanks!

Aaron said...


Peter said...

Howdy. A Joost invite would be supernifty.

peterwall at gmail dot com

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Ewan said...

ewandev AT gmail.com

Kudos for your generosity. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...


So, I'm very skepical about this, but my spepicism is overrided by my curiousity about joost. So...my e-mail is bsutherland@mymail.indstate.edu. An invite would be amazing. Danke!
I have a blog, I don't use it much, but plan on picking it up over the summer, I will be sure to link to you. Thanks again.

Jerry said...

An invite would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Ted Sanders said...

Can you please send me an invite too?




Erik said...

I would be very interested in getting an invite. I have been following joost for several months and have really wanted to be part of the action. If you could please send me an invite I would be very greatful.


noby_rox said...

would you be so kind to send me an invite?


many thanks in advance.

Eddy said...


Thanks in advanced

meerkat said...

Please :) give me one


steamboat willie said...

would LURVE one!


wsmknicks (at) netscape (dot) net

Carlos said...

link: www.carrosa.windowslivespaces.com

Kelly said...

I'd love to have one, I write about tech in the home over at apartmenttherapy.com and would love to have a first-hand review to share with my readers! I'll link to you on my blog, as well. Thanks! :) kellyapt (at) gmail dot com

Jeremy Botter said...

I'll gladly pimp you from my blog if I'm able to get an invite.


Elli said...

If you are still giving them out, I would love a Joost invite! elli42583@gmail.com

I'll definitely make sure to link you:) Thank you!

FoLL said...

invite me pls

Anonymous said...

I would like to have a Joost invite.


Anonymous said...

I don't ahve a blog, but I would be very pleased if you gave me a Joost invitation. My mail is


It would be great!
Thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

one joost invite. medium rare.
ease up on the garlic, por favor.


thank you. :P