Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hola from San Jose

My Costa Rican safari is almost over, how sad. I'm sitting in the Marriott, off to see my lawyer about a real estate deal in Santa Teresa and wishing I was back there in the mud, bugs and lizards.

So here's how it went, seven of us came down here and met up with a bunch of buddies in Santa Teresa. We surfed almost every day, ate like kings and generally had a great time. I saw a new kind of monkey (whiteface) and saw more cool wild critters than I ever saw in my life in one place. A few of us did a backcountry drive through rivers, up rivers, down rivers and over rivers to get to Playa Coyote which is an unbelievable place as well. I heard that Michael Jordan tried to buy the whole area for 80 mil but the local ticos refused.

What else? Can't remember everything because so much happened - the tequila didn't help either. Oh yeah, we saw Vince Vaughn driving around on a quad, he'd been down there all week. He looked a little pink and hung over like most people on vacation there.

Santa Teresa/Mal Pais is a pretty amazing place, can't wait to get back. Pics to follow when I get back home.


Anonymous said...

Great news about the real estate deal. You'll have to post photos.

Anonymous said...

Did you see a sloth?

brendajlynch said...


we were In Costa Rica (Malpais/Santa Teresa)
last week as well
and wish I were back there too.

and we did see Vince Vaughn..
although I think he looked pretty
damn hot.

Brenda from Key West

sanj said...

So to answer some questions, I didn't see a sloth but I did see something about the size of a large cat that was black and had a huge head and yellow eyes.

Regarding the real estate, I'll post photos soon.

And finally Brenda, Vince didn't look too hot when we saw him but I'm sure he was having a good time and nobody was bothering him. Don't feel bad about leaving because it's been raining heavily for 2 weeks straight and the main road has been under a foot of water the whole time. Oh yeah, red tide was drifting in when we left so the surf is probably not so good either.