Monday, May 28, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Fugly

Having a blog like this one is a dual edged sword, on one hand I have lots of friends who I don't see too often who get to follow me around my journeys and stay in touch. On the other hand, I've come to realize that I run the risk of exposing myself to some of the darker sides of human nature by revealing too much personal information. It's a bit sad but then again we can expect weak behaviour from weak people, c'est la brie/that's the cheese. I've been blessed to have some amazing people around me the past couple of years and have weeded my social garden pretty well so I'm not too concerned overall but unfortunately I am going to revert back to a more light and fluffy format for this blog. I will probably start a more interactive invitation only team blog for my core crew once this one reverts to amusing chatter.

Enough of that, here's a Costa Rican frog and the waterfront in Mal Pais


Anonymous said...

That's really too bad man, you had some great insight. Don't water down your blog too much.

hellophotokitty said...

Gad! You are sooo lucky! It's crappy here.
Take some sun for me please - and put in in a fedex box and send it to me ;-)

and exposing yourself? HA! Wait till you get to my level - too many people have seen me naked, and they haven't even paid for it!

sanj said...

Well I've been known to show my ass from time to time but I can't say that my privates are on the internet anywhere. Not yet anyways!