Thursday, May 03, 2007

Whats up in Vegas

I've been here for almost five days now and so far it's been a pretty good trip. Lets see, first I was stuck in traffic behind a trailer full of white tigers, then I spent a couple of days at a conference and got invited to MSFT Redmond to hang out with the Windows Media team for some collab work, then I hooked up with Rick at Pure @ Ceasars and we got really hosed, Criss Angels lamborghini murcialago has been parked in front of the Luxor where we're both staying this whole week and finally last night we bolted through Revolution, Tangerine and a couple of other Vegas clubs that just sucked ass on a Wed nite. Having fun for sure, a few friends and the GF coming in tonight so it should be a wild weekend. I've got invites to the Vince Neil cinqo del mayo party @ the flamingo this weekend so it should be a doozy.


Anonymous said...

Good thing about Vegas: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Party on dude. Just don't get hitched and ditched all in the same nite.

Anonymous said...

doozy and boozy and boobalicious weekend

Anonymous said...

Did you see the de la hoya fight?