Sunday, October 30, 2005

What I'm listening to these days

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I've been listening to Richie Hawtin DE9 Transitions over the past couple of weeks and oddly enough, it requires a commitment. Why? Its a 2 disk set, a DVD and a CD. The CD is a stereo mix and has 74 minutes of minute transformations of sounds every 4 bars so you have to listen to it like an opera. The DVD is 96 minutes and 5.1 audio so not just intricate but also rather astounding.

It's not for anybody with a short attention span but if you have a 5.1 home theater and a dark living room and 96 minutes to kill, you'll probably dig it. That is if you like minimal repetetive techno.

If you like Garth Brooks and still wear your Hootie and the Blowfish T-Shirt in public, don't bother.

What else am I listening to, in no particular order:

The Cure - High & the whole pornography album
Story of the Year - In the wake of determination album
Boys night out - Train wreck
Soft Cell - Remixes (don't laugh)
Atreyu - Everything
Ultravox - Everything
Avenged Sevenfold - Second Heartbeat

Anybody noticed that Avenged Sevenfold - bat city and unholy confessions are getting major airplay on the ultra commercial music video channels? Sure they're a bunch of dumb kids with tattoos but so were just about every good band at one time. Great band live, if you don't mind goth metal kids.

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