Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bill ain't so bad

As it turns out, the US rejected a call to put up $1 Billion for the global TB & AIDs fund. Instead they put up $200 million this year. This is pretty weak considering the last war cost something like $100 BILLION!!! GWB probably paid out more for shoelaces than AIDS. On the other hand the much despised Bill Gates will pay out $50 million this year through his foundation and give out a total of $27 BILLION for worthy causes. While you can question whether the ends justify the means, it's hard to not respect this dude for giving out such a huge wad of cash. I really wonder why Paul McCartney, Mel Gibson and all of those other left leaning multi millionaires don't do the same. Sure they throw down a few bucks here and there but for the most part they seem to be hoarding their hundreds of millions of greenbacks. I think the world would be a much better place with philanthropic attitudes like those of Bill G and Bono.

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