Monday, August 02, 2004

My Summer Vacation

I just got back from my summer vacation, lemme tell you - IT WAS RAD! I ate chicken for nine days straight, rode motocross for twelve hours, wakesurfed about twenty hours, spent every waking hour rushing around having way too much fun and in the end spent seven hundred dollars on boating and motocross gas. Phew, with one "locals only" festivity after another and and loads of home cooked wicked food, it's amazing that I haven't turned into a fattie. I cooked up 44 chicken breasts for my buddy Marc's party at his monster house after hoarking down a five pound leg of lamb the night before with the local yardies. Marc had a band playing on the dock and the place was rockin.

The first four days I went trail riding every day but the weather got too good and I spent the rest of the week on the water. I made tons of friends up there with the locals and spent every day waterlogged, dirty, sunburnt and hung over - ferking brilliant! I really could have used another week but there's always next year. Somebody remind me to put on sun block next year ;)

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