Monday, August 30, 2004

The Crack House

OK you perverts who got here from google image search or whatever, enjoy these pictures but don't forget to check out my regular blog. Oh yeah, thanks for stopping by and enjoy your appetizer.

This my friends is why they now call my house the crack house. I was in the water while the girls got creative with the camera. Once again I wasn't complaining. I've really got to do this more often. Oh yeah, speaking of fauna, I saw a bear cub and a fox on my street on Saturday nite - for real. I thought it was a bear or a dog that broke into my garbage box last summer. I guess it was a bear. Posted by Hello


Jason Mulgrew said...


jason mulgrew
internet quasi-celebrity

Randy said...

mmmmmmmmm! That makes me all warm...and wanting to go to Quebec soon. That's the life Sanj!


sanj said...

Now why is it that I only get comments when I post hot ASSES? I love you guys anyways. I'll try to bag some more for you.