Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Three Noble Truths

I realized a couple of things this past weekend. First, I realized that it's a really good idea to play hookey from work when the weather is perfect. I used to do it all the time but for some random reason I stopped, I am officially back on the program and advocating good weather hookey for anybody in the northeast. Work weekends in February and November, just get out as much as you can when the weather is good, you will thank yourself when you're 85. My second realization is that I suck at wakeboarding because I have been surfing so much this summer and last summer I didn't ride because I ripped a tendon in my ankle. This is a double edged sword because I am getting pretty good at wake surfing at the cost of my wakeboarding. I'm feeling a really rapid progression and totally love it so it works for me. The third thing that I realized is something that is obvious, repetition and progression turn a fun activity into a peak experience. Between motocross and surfing, I am getting into some major progressions and riding better and better each ride and having more and more fun. I get up early in the morning when everybody is asleep, fill up the bike and hit the trails. When I get back, I'm totally stoked, learned a couple of subtle new techniques, went a bit faster and escaped death yet another time. It's hard getting up and getting going but once the initial shock is over, it totally rocks. I guess the same is true for anything. I don't like wakeboarding or snowboarding that much anymore because I don't do it often and don't have the flow going. I think that that will come back, I just gotta get up early in the morning and hit it hard.

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