Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Eleventh Day Ride

I had a long discussion with Big Al about being focused and in the pocket when you ride, so much so that you aren't so much thinking it as you are feeling it. It doesn't matter if it's wakeboarding, surfing, motocross or knitting - when you're in the pocket, you know it. The best way to describe it is like if you rode for ten days straight and were totally in your game and then on the eleventh day you just jumped in and instead of being a little freaked out when you hit a big kicker, you pick out your line and savour the centerfugal force as you get whipped into the air. In the air, time stands still and you float, spin, grab, tweak and stall it into a feather soft touchdown like a jackrabbit. Land it and scream off and crank out another one and then another one and so on.

That my friends is the eleventh day ride.

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