Wednesday, September 01, 2004

A tribute to Indian Larry - RIP

Some of you might not know yet but most people in the motorcycle world are a little shook up because Indian Larry died this past Saturday during a bike show. He was doing a stand up stunt that's his trademark in front of 4000 people when he crashed and died. Indian Larry is/was a legend and he inspired people everywhere. Covered head to toe in tattoos, he defined the spirit of biking and why we who love bikes are different from the rest of you. I have to say that it pisses me off a bit that motorcycles and custom bike culture has been yuppy-commoditized but then again it's also nice to live in a more bike friendly world. The two wheeled family got a lot bigger in recent days and Larry is and always will be a family godfather. Like all families, this one is especially sad to have lost such a seminal patriarch. We're going to miss you Larry - RIP, your legend lives on.

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