Friday, September 17, 2004

SWEET: The Wailers Rock!

On a random whim, I invited a few friends to go and see a free outdoor show put on by the Concordia Students Union that was right next to my office. Well I got the day wrong and I was out of town on the day of the show (thursday) but I did get back in in time and against all odds, my old friend Marko and Mario both came around and we had a really wicked time. The band was The Wailers who were one of the seminal Reggae bands. Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh were all in the Wailers at one time and the founding brothers were part of the rock steady bands that released "Liquidator" and "Return of the Django". Seeing them live and for free with a few thousand people was just wicked. It really helped that we had crazy warm weather, usually it is blowing, raining and cold but last nite was tropical. Of course, the beer ticket fiasco was just plain dumb. It's a good thing that we found a depanneur on the street selling brown bag heinies 'cuz I was getting a bit pissed. Also, how can you serve a few thousand people beer without providing a single ferking toilet? Despite that, I laughed so hard that I was in tears most of the night and everybody was in a killer mood. Wicked show, wicked night - I've gotta do this more often. Posted by Hello

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