Sunday, September 26, 2004

Fab DVD rental machine

My friend Jacob had a record store called DNA on Pine avenue near St. Laurent, I don't know what happened to his record store but he now has a cool DVD rental store that is self serve machine based. Cool stuff, you buy debit card and then take out and return movies from the machines 24/7. The best part about it is that the movies are a buck for 6 hours. WICKED! The technology has been around in Europe for five years and the franchises just opened up here in Montreal recently. Great idea, low margins, high volume, low overhead - good business model so far. If Blockbuster gets in on it though, they might have problems. Hopefully these things will shake up the whole industry and drive down the prices. Good luck Jacob, and if you live in the plateau, you should support him by renting there, save yourself some money and in turn keep some more money in our local economy.

gripe: If only they had previews....

And finally here's a few places to get some fine bathing suits for the ladies who may be considering boating with me next summer:


Captain Fantabulous said...

Would your friend happen have a very bizzare/ scary painting of a man with glasses in his living room? Because if he does...we're at one degree of separation.

Captain Fantabulous said...

Well, he did used to own a record shop, and I'm pretty sure that it was called DNA. He is also a pretty good DJ. Does that help any?