Tuesday, September 07, 2004

September is starting out pretty good so far, the water is still warm and the weather isn't terrible yet. Last year was really crap so I'm hoping that we have a couple of warm weeks coming up. It looks pretty good so far but the weather people have been really off this year.

I did a lot of bbq'ing this weekend and I would really recommend Marche Akhavan in NDG (6170 Sherbrooke) to anybody wanting some ethnic grub. Wicked marinated lamb chops, "meat flaps" (don't laugh they're awesome), marinated quails, etc.

I crashed my motocross pretty hard and fast this weekend in the trails, skeety stuff - I was shaking pretty bad when it was over. I realized that I really need some handguards to stay out of the emergency room.

Here's some terms that me and the clowns in St. Do came up with this past summer in case you don't understand what I'm saying sometimes:

skid pad: grundle (usually on a motocross seat)
packing the pork: put on your wetsuit
skeets: shaking after a huge scary crash (motocross)
barp: barf flavoured burp
chowder: floating barf
marination: warming up your wetsuit by peeing in it
knave: ferking idiot
boat slut: somebody who goes from boat to boat without owning one
sandbags: people who come out on boats but don't ride
pretard: dumb kid
jizz job: lubing your chain (motocross)
jerky: scrapes

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