Thursday, September 30, 2004

What a long week

I was in Ottawa yesterday and saw Jack Layton on the street giving an interview. It was a loooong day. Next week I have two day trips to Ottawa on Wed and Fri and have to drive back each time. This isn't so bad because I bought half a dozen CDs that I haven't listened to yet (Atreyu, Alexis on Fire, International Noise Conspiracy, Good Charlotte). Speaking of which, I bought the new album by the Cure which has more in common with the first three albums than anything released in the past two decades. Not to shabby for a bunch of old guys who wear makeup.

In other news, a surfer rode a whale in San Clamente and this bear took a man hostage and ate all his chocolate. What the hell is up with the bears this year? My life seems to be punctuated by bizarre bear stories (?)

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