Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Celebrity Endorsement

OK, so I'm not a celebrity outside of my own cranium but I can in good conscience give a huge endorsement to the 20cm Artisan Skillet found at Canadian Tire for $35. Why a frying pan? Well, glad you asked, I have consumed (yes consumed) many frying pans over the years including some chi chi fou fou Lagostina stainless masterpieces and I can safely say that the Artisan kicks all of their collective asses. It's thick, beefy, holds heat well and has some crazy deep hard teflon armour that doesn't scratch, flake or flinch in any way. I love it and it's half price every 2 months if you keep your eye on the CT flyers. The Artisan grill, crepe skillet, egg pan and their whole set is great too. I'm a believer.

1 comment:

hellophotokitty said...

"chi chi fou fou Lagostina stainless masterpieces"

You don't know how hard that made me laugh. I thougth I was going to lose a lung.

You're funny.
Perhaps we should think about writing a knock of of the spoof of the sequel of the hit HBO series just so we can show those douchebags what real writing is!!

(and that thong stretcher thing - please don't tell me you work for American Apparel...)