Thursday, January 11, 2007

Exciting Mobile Apps

Consider this for youz guyz who still do a lot of real world buying, imagine that your cell phone had a barcode scanner and when you were in the grocery store or Best Buy that you could point your phone at a product and it would tell you the best deals in town/on the internet on that item?

Well these guys have that product using smartphones, I love it. This is the future.

I just wish that Google maps and custom apps could be downloaded into car nav computers so we could do the same kind of thing for gas prices. Picture this, you're tank is low and your car tells you the 10 stations within range ranked by price or it figures out when the optimal time to buy is based on trends, proximity and time to empty.

It's coming and I can't wait. So subsequently I am off to the MEDC mobile dev/business conference in Vegas in May to start figuring out how to get in on this.

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