Monday, January 29, 2007

More on the Brulée

Well it seems like I hit a nerve with the CB review, so here's some more deets; the stuff comes in 4 x 100ml containers for five bucks and is found in the dairy section with the rice pudding, tapioca and stuff like that. It's refrigerated and comes with a packet of brown sugar that you sprinkle on top and pop into an oven (I use an acetylene torch like a pro of course ;).


Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy. When CB is done correctly it is superb. I'll check out your recommendation.

themadamefiles said...
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themadamefiles said...

And where did you say you got this? Club Price?

AHH!! With brown sugar on top... that is just naaasssstttyyy!!

What kills me is the name:
Kookk. I mean, what is that? lol

So do you warm it up in the oven or just stick it in the microwave?