Saturday, January 27, 2007

30 Day Stock Trades that Made Money

In the past 30 days, here's the stocks that made me money:


AAPL - Got in in the low eighties, got out in the low nineties
LYTS - Got in at 15, out at 18
SVNT - Got in around 11, out at around 14.50

My methodology:
The first two were bought because of huge dips and then a flat period. SVNT because I got in for a long ride after a Cramer recommendation but they bolted up too fast so I got out. Maybe I'll get back when it's safer.


HP - Got in at 23, not out yet at 26 (staying long)
RAL - Got in at 3.40, still in at 4.16
T - Got in at 34, still in at 36.40

My methodology:
I found HP randomly when I was looking for HPQ and they seemed to be a great value that was not getting a fair price when I did my research. Rally Energy (RAL) had a great story and growth and I thought that AT&T was going to do really well with all the new mobile data services and triple play offerings. I'm keeping an eye on Rogers, BCE and Telus for the same reasons



Everything else is more or less stalled. I got out of Intel & Yahoo because they're a little scary right now. Lost a bit on Intel, gained a bit on Yahoo. I think that Google is a fools game, there's easier money out there.


I have no real stinkers yet except that I got stung by the exchange rate drop and gouged by the bank FX spread. I was an idiot and didn't buy on my corporate FX spot rate, cost me 1% extra for bank gouge + 1% FX loss. Verisign is getting me a little worried but I am not freaked out yet.

What's next?

I really like the idea of Chinese growth and I think that Chinese people are starting to acquire a big taste for luxury goods and American products. DEO, Starbucks, MPEL and Excel China are on my long list. On the tech side, I really like Digital River especially since they will be the e-comm merchant for Vista upgrades and they're depressed right now. I am waiting for AAPL to bottom out so I can buy in again. I really like Electronic Arts because with all the new consoles flying off the shelves, these guys will see the $$ and on top of that, their share price is getting beaten down right now - I am waiting for them to bottom out. And finally I am waiting for EDA to settle down before buying in with real money.

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hellophotokitty said...

If you give me some tips on how to make some cash (I really am a dummy when it comes to this stock stuff), I'll take you out to that Ferrerra place and the 10$ creme brulé and a coffee (or port. It went well with a glass of port...) will be on me!!