Wednesday, January 10, 2007

AAPL recap

So much to my pleasant surprise, Apple closed at $97 today. Its moving even quicker than I had predicted so far.

So here's where we are at with our virtual portfolio:

Shares: 120
Cost: $82.55 Total: $9,906
Current: $97 Total: $11,640

Gain: $1734 (minus ten bucks for brokerage)

Endeavor (American Apparel)
Shares: 1100
Cost: $9 Total $9,900
Current $10.83 Total: $11,913

Gain: $2013 (minus ten bucks for brokerage)

So we've gained $3747 US on an investment of $19,806 in three short weeks. That's 19% !! Man I wish I could pull this off more regularly but unfortunately this kind of thing doesn't happen every day - easy money though.

I haven't sold yet so anything could happen.

So you probably didn't buy but I sure did and I goofed, didn't buy enough. My next picks are DIVX which is relatively low today at $22.64, Intel at $21.52 and Yahoo at $28.70 - both a little higher than optimal but we'll jump in just the same.

So we're going to buy ten grand in each:

DivX - 440 shares
Intel - 460 shares
Yahoo - 350 shares

In real life, I actually bought all of these a bit lower but to be fair, we'll use todays closing prices for this exercise. Let's see how these go - they're all long for now.

None of these are blind bets, each company is one that I know intimately, use their products and have friends that work for them. Some of those friends will probably read this with a chuckle when they do stumble in here for a monthly visit ;)

Each company has bad ratios/multiples but has a winning/passionate leadership team and lots of momentum. Hang on, we're in for a ride.

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