Friday, April 13, 2007

More on Joost/Sling and CBS

Things have heated up in the past couple of days with CBS announcing a big deal with AOL, Microsoft, CNET Networks, Comcast, Joost, Bebo, Brightcove, Netvibes, Sling Media and Veoh.

This is in direct competition with Gootube, so who's going to win? I think that both will win. The folks that own the content aren't going to walk away from googles billions of viewers and the ad revenue that they'll bring and at the same time, they won't sit around and let google eat their lunch so easily. I think that both channels will do well and we'll just consider them different sources for some of the same content. Just like when you get cable and the same show plays on different channels.

The really interesting thing that's come up is that Sling is integrating the CBS player into their own and I missed this one but in January they announced the Slingcatcher which pushes computer content to your TV via wifi. Very exciting space right now.

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