Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mo Soul

"May all these walls we've made in our wasted years and days not stand in our way that we may feel the winds of change "

That's a line from the Pizza Song by the Bouncing Souls who played at our old favorite crusty club called les Foufounes Electrique. What a great show it was as the 'Souls shows always have been. They are such a great band and their fan base is so loyal that it's like going to a gospel sermon where everyone is singing along ('cept for the stage diving of course). For the most part Greg the singer didn't even have to sing because the audience was singing so loud. It was great, fast, loud and sweaty with tons of people tossing off the stage and lost shoes galore. I'd never seen so many girls stage dive before. I love those guys, prolly the most positive message you'll ever hear in a rock band.

Here's the weird thing, I used to go to Foufounes when I was a pup in the eighties and it was full of scary, scary people and on many occasions I hightailed it out of there with people throwing bottles and rocks at me - this time round the rough kids looked a little comical. Seriously, how scary can a punk rock chick tattooed from head to toe be while she's thumbing furiously on a blackberry???

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