Monday, April 09, 2007

Here comes the Joose

I'm digging Joost these days. I cancelled my home phone and internet because I'm moving soon so I can't use my slingbox, Joost is a great way to watch TV at work. I'm looking forward to having it on a big screen/projector at home. Think P2P TV, skyp-ish.


Anonymous said...

Ler us know how it works out. Is the image quality good? I watch alot of sports so I would be curious to know how clear hockey game would be. Joost looks totally cool.

sanj said...

Joost is great, the content is a little thin but there's enough stuff to keep me entertained. I watched a documentary about tow in surfing and a whole whack of interviews with bands and stuff.

As far as quality goes, it's on par with a 300-500Kbps streaming video stream just like the Slingbox. Great for me watching on a computer but probably utterly crap for a sphinteraly rententive HD purist.

Content 3/5 - Not bad so far, should much better as the service grows
Quality 3/5 - Typical broadband internet video stream
Overall 4/5 - Very practical, very cool, very simple
Business model 4.5/5 - Adverts look like their inserted on the fly so they're prolly personalized

Not so sure about watching live games on this service yet. This is probably a licensing issue more than anything.