Saturday, December 02, 2006


November/December are pretty bleak times and it sure doesn't help that the sun goes down at 4PM. Most people get into a funk and end up suicidal by February. As for me, I'm getting really ansy to go surfing or snowboarding as soon as I possibly can. Seeing that I probably can't travel too much this month I guess I'll have to wait for the snow. Hopefully it will come down quick and hard any day now. Worst case hopefully is 3-4wks.

Last weekend my friend Caroline moved away to Mexico, a bunch of us saw her off with some festivities. We're going to miss her. If you are in Playa del Carmen, stop by the blues bar called Barra Barra and say hi to Caro and Gabo.
On a different subject, next time you're at a duty free pick up a bottle of 1800 Anejo tequila. It's probably the smoothest, cheapest aged tequila that I've ever had. And for those of you in Ontario or anywhere but Quebec, give Magners Irish Cider a try instead of beer next time you get hosed ($2.50/500ml can). It's super smooth and completely under-rated. In Quebec, there are tens of thousands of varieties of wine available at the booze can but only one real cider that's never in stock. That's too bad because there probably are tons of great local producers.

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