Saturday, December 16, 2006

Some stuff

First off, one more ISP is giving a computer away with a sub - Orange in France is giving out a Mac with a subscription.

Think about this, a 42" plasma display will be $750 within 18 months so who's going to be the first cable/satellite provider to give you a free TV with a subscription?? Mark my words again on this one.

Off topic, I am now using Hamachi to VPN to my office and on the road. I can't believe how painless/easy it is to use. My home computer and office computer VPN'ed together in a minute or so. My printers, shared drives and system drives are now accessible both ways and I can probably remote desktop through our firewall which is a little scary but it's RSA'ed so I'm not too frazzled. There are much easier ways to get in if somebody wanted to.

I've been using Blink for a personal firewall. It's pretty good but you'd better turn off as much as possible to not bog down your system.

Both tools are free.


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The same kinda folks who wants a $300 Dell (i.e. the lowest common denominator).