Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Evil Called Comfort

Back on the topic of growth;

Comfort is the antithesis of growth. I have a mathematical formula for it, Comfort is equal to Risk times Age squared divided by Confidence. My opinion is that if you are not outside of your comfort zone, you are most likely going to stay in the same place in life or even move backwards and lose ground. You probably know a bunch of people that ski/golf/cook etc., ever notice how they reach a plateau and then never seem to get any better? That's probably because they're at a level where they aren't making mistakes anymore which means they aren't taking risks anymore which means they aren't growing.

Comfort to me means moving out to the suburbs and growing fat without noticing. Comfort means not speaking up when something wrong is going on. Comfort means not eating shit to get better. Comfort to me means telling people who ate shit and moved forward how lucky they are to be where they are.

I saw a kid about 6-8 years old in Nosara hanging onto the nose of his Dad's longboard for dear life 150 meters offshore. The waves were head high and I was having a hard time getting outside. The two of them were getting worked from time to time and it seemed really sketchy. Sometimes the little guy was flying 5 feet in the air when a big one took them out. Then I saw them ride some waves together, both of them were beaming - the kid on the nose suspended by his arms. It really dawned on me how sheltered we've all become where we won't ever take risks like that and we most likely won't ever see our kids have rewards like that. The kid swam like a dolphin and probably will grow up to surf like a king.

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