Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tone deafness, anemic health food and more

I have a couple of things to note today:

- Do you know if you are tone deaf? I thought I was pretty good but as it turns out, I am just below average at 69.5%, on the trailing edge of the bell curve. Test yourself out here.

- I spent some time with some friends who ate bio-everything food and were serious about macrobiotics etc. and found it to be an enlightening experience. I am a bacon and steak kind of guy but I pretty much only eat relatively fresh veggies and meat - no processed food. I find that people who are really serious about bio food and supplements seem to be fragile, scared and ummm - unhealthy. For sure there are some serious Olympic athletes who are on the program but it seems to me that eating trail mix, yogurt and salad all week long is going to make you sick even if you pump ten gallons of flax seed oil up your butt.

- A good place to spend some time expanding your mind is here at TED where some of the smartest dudes on our planet brain dump to their peers. They've put the sessions online for us common folk.

And finally, here's another track from Juliete

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