Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Why MS is and always will be in trouble

Everybody that works at Microsoft has to be a little paranoid. This sentiment is justified because everybody is truly always out to get them. It seems like there is always somebody really close to thumping them regardless of the year or decade that you happen to be in. This year it's Google on the search front and Apple on the music front. And finally, here comes Adobe/Macromedia from behind to wizzle their dizzle. Up in the stratosphere, there's still Oracle/Peoplesoft thundering along and from the crusty trenches there are armies of open source grunts lobbing fireballs at 'em. If that weren't enough, the DOJ and the European equivalent are breathing heavy down their backs. A decade and a half ago, IBM was in the same kind of situation and a nimble unrestricted Microsoft came around and stole (literally) their thunder. It seems to me like the timing is ripe for some lanky upstart to hit Microsoft right in their Achilles heel and I'm pretty sure that everybody that works there knows it.

On the topic of Adobe/Macromedia, here's a funny de-PR'ing translation of their merger press release.

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