Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I am a moron

Have you ever tried to save a bit of time and end up wasting lots of it? I have been trying to get my summer tires put on for almost a month now. Usually I call up my usual shop and make an appointment. I drive out there, wait for an hour and my car is ready. This time, I decided to find a place closer to my home and office. So I did what almost everybody else does, I went out to Canadian Tire to get it done. The first time I went, I waited 10 minutes in line to find out that it would take 4 1/2 hrs. As I don't ever have that much time to spare, I had to pass on that offer. The fellow told me to come back at 7:30 AM to get it done first thing. So I went back the next week, at 7:33 I was there in line behind 4 people. 10 minutes later, I found out that my car would be ready at around 10:30. Again I had to pass and a week later (this morning) I went to Gordons Goodyear on St. Jacques. I showed up at 7:00, 10th in line. The wait was about 2 minutes and they had at least a dozen car bays and mechanics cranking out summer tires. So 7:20 comes around and the guy calls me over, it turns out that the summer tires that I brought were actually the tires from my old car. Screwed again, at least I didn't have to wait 4 1/2 hrs to find out. For the record, Gordons on St. Jacques and Cavendish seems to be a quick hassle free place to go if you have to get something like this done. I'll let you know after my fourth attempt next week.

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