Monday, April 04, 2005

Aye Carumba, bad news for the Liberals

There's been a publication ban on the testimony of Jean Brealt regarding the Adscam inquiry but it seems that at least one American based blog has published the proceedings. It is probably illegal to post a link to that blog but it isn't hard to find and the fallout from the claims made on that blog if proven to be true are going to be massive and the claims are frankly really disturbing. I can see why a lot of people are expecting an election soon. Paul Martin had previously pushed through a budget that passed even with a minority government, he is now pushing it through again with a Kyoto-ish amendment that is very likely to fail. They seem to want to trigger another election really quick. In any case it is really going to be messy. The ramifications for us Anglo Quebekers are not too promising either with all of the heavy handed Charest policies that have pissed off a lot of socio-fraco-quebeckers. On the upside, maybe I'll be able to buy a house in Westmount at a bargain again in a few years, kind of like how things used to be in '95.

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