Thursday, April 14, 2005

Moonshine Gasoline and Peer to Peer fuel

So check this out, there is a fellow who is selling stills that will produce ethanol from rotting fruits for about 50 cents a liter. The big deal about this is that mixed with a little gasoline, this can run most cars and it burns really clean. If a town/neighborhood/village was really smart, they would form a collective to set up some huge stills and give all the coop members cheap ethanol.

Most people don't realize that Canada exports more oil than it consumes so it isn't such a big deal on the level of independance but the cost and decentralization of fuel supply could be dramatic. Between homebrew ethanol, methane and electricity in theory the general population could form a peer to peer fuel grid. This concept seems so obvious that I'm really shocked that it isn't front and center. For the record, I am definately not a tree hugging environmental type - I have a huge horsepower/petrochemical appetite and a vested interest in keeping it fed. That means I want to use more fuel and not less so better, cleaner, cheaper fuel is my primary motivation.

On a different note, it seems like the Liberal government is about to fall and it is likely that the Conservatives will win with a minority govenment. Having a minority government means that not much change happens because nobody can agree on anything significant. Having a conservative minority government and an entirely left leaning minority means that nobody will be able to agree on anything other than the meat and potato basics. Gay marriages, missile defence, government reduction and all of that touchy stuff will be stuck in a deadlock because there is no middle ground. I think the Conservatives are in for a rough ride if they win and the Liberals are in for worse if they stay.

On the topic of the Gomery commission, how come nobody has questioned why the PQ got the same dirty money as the Liberals? How could they not know about it? That is some serious double standard bullshit and its pretty sad that the media and public don't seem to give a crap right now.

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