Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Leap to the Right

I am not entirely sure what is going on in Canadian politics these days. I think that Paul Martin is getting a bum rap cleaning up Chretiens dirty diapers. I just can't understand why Stephen Harper calls the deal with the NDP, a deal with the devil. Harper says that spending an extra 2 billion dollars a year on education, the environment, housing is irresponsible. This would be irresponsible maybe if we were running a defecit but the last time I checked, Canada ran a surplus:

2004/04 $8.9B
2003/04 $9.1B
2002/03 $7B
2001/02 $8.9B
2000/01 $18.1B
1999/00 $12.7B
1998/99 $3.1B
1997/98 $3.8B

What the hell is wrong with Harper? Why is that the most disgraceful thing he's ever seen. With the Liberals, NDP and Bloc all being left leaning party with over 70 per cent of the popular vote, does it make any sense that he speaks for the people when he's fuming about cancellation of tax cuts for large corporations. Who the hell wants that (even though we arguably need it eventually)?

Harper stands for American style religious politics. He's anti-gay, anti-abortion, pro-military, pro-big business and all for cosying up with GWB and spending our taxes on a missle defence program.

As much as I despise the Liberal party under Cretien, the most disgraceful thing that I've ever seen in Canadian politics is how much the Conservatives smell like the Republicans and have some people fooled.

We're Canadians, not Americans - let's keep it that way.

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