Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Abe Vigoda is still alive

Yes he is, and happy new year to all of you. This year maybe some of you will actually post something so I don't feel like such a retard talking to myself. Yeah that means you.

Post a reply before I hit 10,000 and the person who posted a reply before 10,000 who is the first to post a reply after 10,000 will get a special limited edition Sliq tuque. Not that I expect anybody to actually post or anything.

Back to blogging, it's been snowing something fierce up in St. Donat so the local yahoos and I have been riding powder every weekend and back to our regular winter routine. My holidays went pretty well, saw the folks in Toronto for a couple of days, partied with some buddies in town and then went up north for a long weekend of total mayhem. Sometimes you just gotta shake the bugs out if you know what I mean.

I kept hearing "Stop it, you're only encouraging him" over and over. Maybe it's a sign. Then again, sounds normal.

BTW: I love my Lib Tech Magne Traction, ugliest board I ever had but definately the most functional. Lots of stunned faces when they realize what it is.

What else do you want to know? Reverend Dave of the Church of our Lady of Perpetual Pleasure and Anarchy hung out for a while over the holidays and got a bit of skiing/snowboarding and drinking done before heading back to his ministry. It's great to see some old faces looking a little cross eyed.

I spent a day in Halifax last week, got to see the inside of an airplane, the airport, a hotel, a conference room and then the airport again. Can't wait to do it again (sark).

It seems like I never have enough time to do everything I want to do, which is not so bad because for the most part everything that is filling up my schedule is pretty killer stuff, just would like to do a lot more of it.

My beloved Rio Carbon has been appropriated by my GF so I am music-less until I find my next gadget. I'm leaning towards the Sony losenges.

On XBOX 360

Oh yeah, been XBOX'ing a bit recently. The 360 games are absurdly detailed at 1080i.

Here's my picks

DOA4 - WHOAH, lots more jiggly boobage kicking the crap out of each other. It's way faster and way more responsive and in turn harder than DOA3.

GT4 - Love that Murcielago, makes me get a little dizzy playing for more than half an hour.

Kameo - The GF is deep in this one, it's got really mighty graphics, every single blade of grass in the field is nicely rendered as are the thousands of trolls battling you. Kind of scary actually for a first generation game.

Perfect Dark/Quake 4 - Didn't get too much out of these yet, still running around in the dark shooting at nothing in particular.

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