Monday, January 23, 2006

Off topic

Do you have to buy a present for somebody who has everything?

Consider one of these:

Or maybe something like this:

This is cool:

But this is way cooler:

And words just can't describe how cool this is:

And finally for the absolutely coolest and most dangerous toy that you have ever seen:

I've always wanted a class IIIb laser that could burn a hole on the surface of the moon.


PGuy said...

I totally saw a dude on campus with the old school phone handset plugged into a cellphone. I saw an ad for that a long time ago, thought it was fairly groovy, but never saw it in action before until this time. What made it hilarious was the fact that it was a 50 year old businessman here for some conference. He looked ultraconservative apart from the phone...he looked plain foolish. But funny.

sanj said...

I'm hoping he didn't have a digital rectal exam simulator in his other hand.