Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The fact is

Let me tell you something, never trust anybody who starts a sentence with "The fact is". For that matter put "make no mistake" into the same category.

"The fact is, mono-skis should be banned."
"Make no mistake, I only lie when my lips are moving."

The fact is that we keep seeing these politicians bullshit like the world supply of bullshit is going to run out and make no mistake that it most definately is completely fabricated bullshit.

Cases in point:

Steven Harper says that the Liberals plundered taxes and mismanaged the economy. Hold on, we have the lowest unemployment in 30 years, we're the strongest G8 economy, our debt/GDP ratio is under 40% and falling, our personal tax to earnings ratio is less than it's been in decades and everybody is doing well. The fact is that Steven is full of shit.

Paul Martin says that he had nothing to do with any of the current or past scandals. Make no mistake, a finance minister who doesn't know where a quarter of a billion dollars went during his watch is either an idiot or a liar. The fact is, this guy acts like a bumbling accountant.

Make no mistake that the fact is that the real truth does not need to be proceeded with three hollow words.

The fact is that opinions and lies are not substitutes for the truth even when claimed to be facts spoken in serious tones while wagging fingers at onlooking cameras.

On the subject of posts

So I have gone over 10,000 page views, whoo hoo. There was some anonymous person who posted and since he/she didn't leave a name, I can't get a prize out to them. I'll keep extending it every increment of 100 until somebody gets it so go ahead and post and the same rules apply.

On the subject of snow

Damn, the rain washed away a lot of snow even up north. That puts a damper on snowboarding for a while.

Other stuff

Check out the Lamborghini Muira concept car:

I just got one of these for a project and I am totally infatuated with it:


Anonymous said...

Unlike you, I am still lusting after one. Infatuation may come once I have this handy dandy item in my dearest possesion.

sanj said...

It isn't the speediest little computer but it is soooo nice! Every time I undock it and take it downstairs for a coffee I always end up having a few people talk to me about it. Definately the coolest computer on the planet in my books. Very functional too, super clear LCDand great form factor.

Anonymous said...

Most Canadians today take it for granted that almost all adult citizens have the right to vote. So get out and vote.

sanj said...

Couldn't agree more, the sad thing is most people who need to vote the most, don't even bother. sigh...