Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dual head unit with MP3 reader

As some of you know I have been working on getting a car/boat MP3 sound system up and running for the past year with some success.

I have this Rockford Fosgate Omnifi with a 20GB hard drive and a Clarion marine head unit.

To cut a long story short, the combo sucks:

- Clarion buzzes constantly with and without the omnifi
- Omnifi reboots every time I stop and start the boat, takes a minute to come back
- Doesn't remember it's settings after a reboot
- Takes a dozen keypresses to do ANYTHING at all

And finally the worst offense:

How the hell can you have 5000 songs and only 10 playlists? Who is the genius product manager that figured this one out?

Luckily Dual has a head unit and adapter coming soon that fully controls "plays for sure" windows media/mp3 devices:

300 bucks total and the Creative zen Xtra 60GB is going for under 300 bucks these days. Sure I could get an iPod and some kind of adapter but the integration is terrible and I refuse to buy into AAC.

If Microsoft discontinues development of WM9, it doesn't matter so much because the codec source code is out there and the chips are licensed to hundreds of OEMs. If Apple pulls the plug on iTunes or decides to get tyrannical about it, there is pretty much sweet FA that you can do because it's sole sourced. Funny how nobody is giving Apple & Google the same scrutiny that IBM & Microsoft has had.

Just wait a bit until the sheep realize they are being led off the cliff. Usually by then its too late.

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