Monday, October 04, 2004

Wind power

Did you know that Hydro Quebec just launched a huge wind power generation project? Well, that's pretty cool considering that most people consider HQ to be an environmentally unfriendly bunch. I read an article in Fortune (Aug 23rd edition) the other day on how to kick the oil habit - alternative energy, more efficient gas and hybrid powered cars, more ethanol fuel blends and less consumer waste were three of the big suggestions. I think that technology can make all three a lot simpler. The deal breaker is usually consumer pushback to wacky eco-technology. These days though it's a pretty easy sell to convince a consumer like me to reduce oil consumption. Big bucks, dirty wars and even dirtier air is enough for me, now give me some better products.

When Fortune magazine starts talking about stuff like this, you know it's got some good fiscal and political sense and not just eco-vegan dogma.

One more thing, this guy is an idiot.

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